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Signing Off- Answering Your Questions

Welcome to my last post! <3 Last Tuesday, I asked the Life at U of T followers on Instagram to send me some questions they want answered, so this blog is going to include my responses to some of your questions! Question: What is your favourite spot to eat in downtown or on campus? Response: I really enjoy going to coffee shops— some of my favourite places are Fika Café and Versus Coffee. Fika Café is super aesthetic (it's where the thumbnail of this post was taken) and overall, a really great place to grab coffee and study. My go-to order is a latte and a brownie (so good!). Versus Coffee is also one of my favourite cafes because they have super pretty lattes, but it’s a little further from campus.  
Picture of a burger, brownie, and a cup of coffee
Fika Cafe goods
I also have an obsession with Japanese pancakes—seriously, they are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Both Fuwa Fuwa Japanese Pancakes and Hanabusa Café are great places that are pretty close to the campus.
Picture of me and a plate of Japanese pancakes
me admiring fuwa fuwa pancakes
  Question: Most secret study place on campus you know of? Response: I feel like Emmanuel college isn’t really well known but I really like studying there because of the quiet and cozy atmosphere, but it is a little further from my classes. If I’m studying alone, I like to go to John W. Graham library because they have a lot of places to work at, plus, they have cubicles that are nice and private!
Picture of the inside of Emmanuel College
Emmanuel college!
There are a couple more places that I like to study at, you can check out my blog post about it here. Question: How are you managing online classes? Response: Online classes are definitely new to me so it can be a stressful time as everyone learns to navigate the system. In order to reduce my stress from everything going around, I try to make time to relax (like watching Netflix and doing puzzles with my sister) and I’ve been trying new hobbies to keep myself busy (read my blog here). Online classes also mean that I’m spending more time on my laptop, so I try to minimize my screen time as much as possible if I don’t have a lecture I need to attend. I’ve made my own study area and try to listen to lecture recordings right after the professor posts them. This way, I stay on top of my work and I don’t fall behind. It’s been really weird, but I think I’ve got the hang of it now and the best part about working from home is that I get to attend lectures in my pyjamas! 🙂   I hope you enjoyed reading some of my responses to your questions! I truly enjoyed my time as a blogger, and I can’t wait to read the blogs by next year’s crew! Thanks for reading our blogs and remember to follow Life at U of T on Instagram to keep updated on student life at U of T! 🙂

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