Expectations vs Reality during times of isolation

Coming to terms with self-isolation hasn’t been easy. I thought I knew what to expect, but that certainly hasn't been the case. It’s true that I’m a home-body; I enjoy staying at home, ordering food, and watching a good movie, but now I realize that I love doing all these things when my friends come over, or even when the possibility of going out exists.
A coffee mug and a bagel with cream cheese.
quick breakfast to start my days, simple but very yummy
UCL was quick to adapt and made all lectures online. However, many professors have decided to stop having these online lectures. I still have quite a few assignments to finish and without attending any kind of class, I’m having trouble focusing on my work. I had expected to be extra productive during this time, as I thought there would be nothing else for me to focus on. That certainly is not the case, as I spend lots of time checking the news or even just worrying. I dedicate a few hours of my days to coursework, but sometimes it's hard to keep up. To get myself into a school mood, I do some casual reading! I've had many books on my nightstand for months that I've been meaning to read, and now I finally have time. This reading time helps to keep myself grounded, and always gives me something to think about.
Francesca holding a book called "A Flor de Piel".
Doing some casual reading outside when class material feels overwhelming
Before returning to Toronto, people back home in Peru had already been asked to isolate. My friends and family who are there started sharing all these online resources, whether it be for home workouts, for cooking, for literally anything. I pictured myself in Toronto doing all these things. But when I got here, I realized that wouldn't be the case.  It’s been tough scrolling through social media, seeing my friends in isolation, with their families, and from the comfort of their family homes, but it makes me happy to see the different ways in which people around the world are dealing with this so bravely. And I've been finding smaller things that make me happy, such as tasty snacks, making comfort foods, and the many movies I can see on Netflix.
A bright sunset out of balcony.
my mom loves sending me pictures of the sunsets back home - so pretty!
I’m lucky to have somewhere to stay during this time in Toronto, and to have so many friends checking in with me and my family calling me all the way from Peru. Self-isolation has not been easy, but keeping in touch with those I love and care about has for sure made it better. Snacks, Netflix, and Facetime certainly make it way easier for me. When we're finally allowed out again, and everything starts opening once again, I can't even imagine how happy it will make me. Good luck everyone, and hopefully, we'll see each other soon!

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