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Why I Love Joining Extracurriculars

I have always liked to be involved with school events, so I knew I wanted to join a club or council here at U of T. Currently, I am an executive member of the University of Toronto Global Brigades (UTGB), and of course, I’m one of the Student Life bloggers! 🙂  Since this week is Joy at U of T, I wanted to write about how my involvement with extracurriculars bring me joy!
Picture of the bake sale for UTGB
Holding a bake sale for UTGB
  Exploring my interests: I love to be involved with councils where I can make a difference in the world and help others who are less fortunate, which is why I applied for UTGB. I really enjoy being able to be a part of something impactful. I also have a passion for writing and photography, so I thought being a blogger for Student Life would be a good way for me to further explore my interests in both areas. I’m really grateful for this opportunity, because it validated my love for writing and storytelling, and I was also able to learn a lot about social media as well. Gaining experience: As a student, it can be hard to gain a lot of work experience because most jobs require work experience (ironic isn’t it?). Joining clubs or councils allow me to gain valuable experience, and the bright side is that most positions don’t require a ton of experience, so it’s really open to everyone! I’ve learned how to take initiative, work effectively in a group, and take on many responsibilities. These skills are invaluable, and it was through my involvement in extra-curriculars that helped me develop them.   Building connections: Through both of these opportunities, I have met wonderful people (shout out to Tricia and Haley, who are amazing), and I have learned a lot from fellow members. In councils, there are usually people from all years of studies, with very different academic backgrounds, and I’ve found it fascinating to learn from them. I’ve also been able to make a lot of new friends through these extra-curriculars!
Picture of some of the Life at U of T student bloggers
Some of the Life at U of T bloggers!
Having a good time: My life revolves around schoolwork, so it’s nice to take a break once in a while to focus on other things. While there is work involved with joining extracurriculars, it forces me to give my mind a break from school to do things I like. As I am writing this blog right now, I’m taking a (much-needed) break from my biology readings, which can be nice. I’ve also been given fun opportunities like hosting a Wizarding World of U of T Instagram segment which was super cool!
Picture of me outside of Hart House, in Harry Potter-inspired outfit
Welcome to the Wizarding World of U of T!
  If you don’t have the time to join extra-curriculars, or are not ready to commit, there’s always small events that are hosted by clubs that you can attend, or you can apply to be a general member to still gain similar experiences. I hope everyone is able to find something on campus that brings them joy! Stay happy! 🙂

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