I Got My Flu Shot on Campus!

It's only getting colder. Expect more sniffles and coughs to come. Flu season has arrived. The flu is very different from a cold and can be spread through respiratory droplets when someone infected coughs around you. The flu shot is critical to stay happy and healthy. Vaccinating every year gives time for our bodies to create immunity against the flu, because the viruses can change from year to year. The flu shot also prevents you from getting as sick as you would if you didn’t have the flu immunization. I went to the U of T hosted flu shot clinic on campus!  I visited first thing on Monday morning at the Athletic Centre and there are multiple other times and locations throughout this week. All I needed was to fill in a sheet with some questions on health conditions relevant to receiving the flu shot, and my T-card. UHIP, OHIP doesn't matter, all you need to be is a student on U of T campus -- just bring your T-card.   The whole process was quick as the flu shot clinic staff were very efficient. After I filled in this sheet, I lined up for around 3-4 minutes until it was my turn. When it was my turn, the staff asked me which arm I preferred to receive the shot. The injecting process was less than 10 seconds. It didn't hurt, and I didn't bleed after either! So no need for a band-aid.
not bleeding after flu shot!
Here are the other times and places you could visit the flu clinic; they will be all over campus throughout this week. As a student, I found this very convenient (and extra helpful because of upcoming midterms) and I appreciate U of T for hosting these! Here's the link for the information above: http://studentlife.utoronto.ca/hwc/services-offered?fbclid=IwAR0vmDkUGH6iMimJmt2Luw1iEnC_wbEAtKHF3Gg766uRkw18lC0xDRC_T9o#node-3675      

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