Green Space = Head Space (Part I)

U of T is a city within the city of Toronto. A city with its own flora and fauna, secret passageways, architecture, and, most important to me, inviting green spaces. Greenery is crucial for maintaining good mental health. Green spaces remind me not only to stay connected with my own health and mindfulness practices, but also to appreciate and be a steward of my surrounding natural environment. The wonder of nature even gives me the motivation to learn, to study, and to live my best moments.  Here are some of my many favourite green spaces across campus. 
This somewhat hidden space offers the ideal landing pad to have a picnic, catch-up on course readings, or finally check-out the book you found at Chapters and not on your syllabus. I enjoy this greenspace because so few people pass by. Free from distractions, come here for a great spot to meditate. If you want some blue-sky thinking or appreciate cloud watching, lay down on the grass and enjoy! 2) Philosopher's Walk When you've taken in a healthy dose of sky, go down the stairs from the greenspace between the faculties of law and music and you'll find Philosopher's Walk. It is a path surrounded with mature trees, grass, and greenery that connects Hoskin Avenue to Bloor Street West. If I need to go to Con Hall or the Med Sci Building from Bloor Street West, this is the path that I try to take as often as possible. As soon as you enter Philosopher's Walk from the perpetually busy Bloor Street West, your head space aligns with this green space: quiet, peaceful, calm, and grounded. This is an area that I have always appreciated as a student, especially for a serene walk between study sessions. 3) KNOX COLLEGE
Knox College also has quiet and peaceful spaces such as their chapel and library. The hallway is my personal favourite as you get to pass by their inner garden/quad that feels like a place out of a different time. I never miss out on the opportunity to admire this hallway whenever I am walking between King's College Circle and St. George Street. 4) VICTORIA COLLEGE Something about the benches in front of the Pratt Library are magical. Maybe it's the vines or the looming trees or the architecture of the college. Need a new place to study that you'll always adore? Visit the Pratt Library. With autumn upon us and greenspaces beginning to retreat with cooler and cooler weather, stop to enjoy the flowers still in bloom around Victoria College and remember that the flowers will return just as vibrant in the spring.

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