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One Last Time: Things to Do Before I Graduate

Now that I’ve come to term with some of my woes about graduating, I can think about all the things that I still have the chance to do (mostly taking advantage of discounts and free stuff). So I’ve created a bucket list of things and organized it into 4 categories: Food, Fitness, Events, and Study. Here’s some things I hope to do, at least one last time, before leaving U of T*:

-eat in Burwash dining hall with friends
-go to a 5 buck lunch in Hart House
-get free pancakes at the Cat’s Eye

-try a new fitness class
-go to a varsity game (Go true blues!)
-find a hula hoop (does anyone know where I can find one on campus?)

-go to a live music performance
-go to a theatre performance
-go to a dance performance
-watch U of T Jazz at The Rex
-make art at Get Crafty in Hart House

Study (kind-of)
-sit on the grass and study
borrow a book to read for fun from the library
-watch a movie in media commons
book a study room with friends

-take a selfie with Northrop Frye
-feature someone new every week for Leaders of U of T (email or DM us on social media to participate!)

*I’ll try to provide some update on progress in future blogs.

What’s on your bucket list of things to do at U of T?

2 comments on “One Last Time: Things to Do Before I Graduate

  1. I want to go inside the carillon room at Hart House before I graduate and observe the species that pull all-nighters at Robarts at least once!

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