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Woes of Graduation: Whoa, Graduation?

Running through the 6ix with these woes, since second year.
woe #1: whoa, graduating and icon of a grad capWoe #1: Graduating Whoa, wait a second. Is this really my LAST semester? I mean who knows what could happen between now and June. Will I really finish my degree by then? What if I fail a course, or what if I’ve overlooked a credit, or what if there’s a glitch in the system? I guess I could always do another summer course. I’m going to go check Degree Explorer again. woe #2: whoa, money and an icon of a flying paper billWoe #2: Money Whoa, is that really how much my student loans are for all 4 years? And that’s without interest? And what about all those OSAP changes? Looks like I gotta maximize on all the free stuff on campus while I still can. Gonna miss all those free pancakes and drop-in fitness classes.

woe #3: whoa, work with icon of a list and a magnifying glassWoe #3: Work Whoa, do I have to start looking for jobs now? What kind of job do I even want? Can I find anything good with my experience (or lack thereof)? And what about grad school? I have some programs in mind. Can I even get into grad school? Maybe I’ll just explore what else is out there. It'd be good to pay off these student loans first. Now, how do I find a job?woe #4: whoa, the future (and all its uncertainty)Woe #4: The Future in general Whoa, what’s really going to happen next? Does anything really change, other than getting a degree and becoming an alumni? Well, I guess I won’t be in school next September. When was the last time that happened? Oh yeah, 17 years ago. Whoa.

How do you even meet people outside of school or work? Will I never have to write an exam again? That actually doesn’t sound so bad. Whoa, where am I going to live? Can I afford to stay in the city? Or maybe go abroad? I guess I could always move back home. I wonder what it’ll be like 17 years from now. Will I be satisfied in my career? Will robots and AI take over? Will I go back to school? Will I look back on this moment in time, and think “what was I so worried about?” I guess I'll have different woes by then. Graduating soon, or just thinking about it? What are some of your woes about graduating?

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