The Luxury of Sleep

Last night I slept for 8 hours…

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…and I didn’t feel guilty!

Sleep has not been an easy thing to for me to do these past couple of weeks. Not because I can’t sleep, but because I have to stay awake. I’m sure some of you have been in the exact same place. A place where it seems as if everything is due at the same time. Paper after paper in between lectures and tutorials and part-time work with presentations lobbed on top, and everything seems to be teetering, wobbling, almost falling over, and…and…this has been my life, as I’m sure many of yours as well. But alas, I slept last night and it was glorious! 8 whole hours of deep sleep. Knocked out, snoring proudly and loudly for my whole building to hear. The past two weeks have been less than ideal. Last semester I had miraculously been able to keep myself pretty sturdily afloat. I was extremely organized, my life scheduled out, I had a really good plan. So what changed?
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My inner monologue
How did I go from completely organized, with my weeks meticulously planned out to the point of being almost unfazed by the pile up of due dates that seems to accompany every midterm period, to this over-worked almost exhausted mess of a student? Other than my class schedule, nothing really has changed. But I guess in all honesty, a shift in schedule is huge thing to have to adapt to half way through the year. Perhaps the reason things are harder is that I’m trying to work on a system that worked for last semesters schedule, but not this semester. I mean, this semester, I actually have day time lectures. Something I didn’t have last semester, and as a commuter that’s a pretty hefty change. Or maybe it’s because it’s the second semester and barely having recovered from the blows and buffets of the first semester, it all started over again. This time, however, with no ramp up to intensity because full year classes – full stop. Sigh. But whatever happened, happened. I have sense enough to know that dwelling on how great I had it in first semester won’t affect this semester any. I just have to learn from the gruelling two weeks I just had and make the appropriate adjustments to get back on track. I know, I know, that’s easier said than done, so wish me luck.
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Glorious Sleep!
But yeah, I finally got some sleep…guilt-free sleep. And you know what happens when you’re actually rested? Things don’t seem as bad. Nope, they do not. Looking forward I can see that I have another couple of weeks of paper-writing torture around the corner, which slides smoothly into a period of frantic studying and you know what? Being well-rested makes those mountains look like hills...respectably sized hills that’ll be troublesome to climb, but hills nonetheless. So yeah, hopefully my torturous past two-weeks has lightened your spirit! I always find it refreshing to know I’m not alone when it comes to multiple-assignment blues. And if you’re in the middle of a really tough week or two, just remember that when you’re finally able to get some sleep, it’ll be the best sleep of your life. Guaranteed.

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