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Blackboard Notification: your lecture has been cancelled

“Hello, there will be no class this morning, I am sorry for the last minute announcement.”


Probably the best email to wake up to, right? Especially the morning after the most draining math exam of all time, and a night of homework/essay writing. As a first year student, this week was not the first time this message had been sent to me. When this happens I usually work on other things and catch up with other classes, but since this was my first lecture of the day I decided I would go back to sleep. At first, I was excited class was cancelled because it meant I could go back to sleep. After trying for around 30 minutes, I realized more sleep was not an option.

I take sleep very seriously, so when given a chance I will continue sleeping. However, since falling asleep seemed too difficult I ended up using my 2 hour lecture time productively. Sometimes I find myself with an unusually large amount of free time on my hands and I always struggle to decide what to spend it on.

This lecture was my only lecture of the day and so I knew I shouldn’t start watching my favorite shows this early in the morning since it would result in an entire marathon of show watching. This would ultimately make me feel terrible about “wasting” my time.


I decided there were two things I had to do on my free day:

Catch up or get ahead on my next classes: this was helpful since I have several essays due in the next few weeks and finals are closely approaching. On top of that my weekly readings for each one of my courses this semester. Oh, and did I mention my first final is in just 30 days?

Clean my room/apartment: a clean home gives me a sense of calm and makes me feel like I have a better control over my life. It also restores order so I am able to find things easier while feeling less overwhelmed. The semester can get pretty overwhelming, by this point of the year my room’s floor consists of 70% textbooks and 30% actual walking space. At this point of the semester it is very easy for me to clutter my room with books, assignments, and post it notes reminding me to do things. Life can get pretty hectic sometimes and the workload a bit unbearable so I try to keep my room as clean and organized as possible.

At the end of the day, using my time productively doing work makes me feel better about having so much free time. It also helps me feel less overwhelmed about all the work that needs to be done before the end of the year.


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