MoveU Scary Skate & Varsity Centre Fun

Halloween is over, so we’re officially allowed to countdown to Christmas right? 2729086 I LOVE holidays, especially Christmas. I can’t wait to see the city all dressed up and to go gift shopping and skating in Nathan Phillips square. I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween without costing themselves too much productivity. I have two midterms and a test this week so I had a nice low-key Halloween with a couple of my roommates from first-year. After submitting my lab report on Friday –HOORAY! - I went to my Olympic weightlifting class. I’m really grateful it’s a small class. I’ve never had a coach who was able to give me instruction unique to me. I worked on the dreaded “snatch” (see below). It’s basically throwing the barbell over your head and holding it there… My self-preservation instinct is still coming around to the idea. Coach Dan gave me some good drills though, which had me feeling much better about it at the end of the session than I was at the beginning.
As terrifying as it is, I do want to master this wizardry. Source:
Speaking of new experiences, I tried another new thing this past week: skating at the Varsity Centre! Did anyone make it out to the MoveU Scary Skate? I brought a can of food to donate, enjoyed some free hot chocolate and candy, and even got myself a pair of touchscreen MoveU mittens! This colour makes winter seem far more pleasant than it is… I’m okay with that. 12202255_10153744820466103_2033022796_n I needed to rent skates (for a grand total of $0) so my friends and I stood in line for a while. I didn’t mind, my hands were full with hot chocolate and goodies. I recommend showing up to these events at least 15-20 minutes early to maximize your skating time as they’re more popular than you think! What university student doesn’t love FREE things after all? HealthyU blogger Madelin was there too! CSmo4kOVEAACRUG My costume was a little lazy… I was a drawing/comic book character/pop art. At least, that’s what Pinterest calls it. I usually do much better, but time got away from me this Halloween. All in all it was a great event and I hope some of you were able to make it out. MoveU has lots more in store for you this year—skating and otherwise—so  be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter if you aren’t already. If you missed the event, you can still enjoy free skating at the Varsity Centre during any of their drop-in hours! You might even see me there, I like skating and regret that I only ever rarely do it, so I’m thinking I’ll start taking advantage of those hours.
This is the arena!
I find most of my friends aren’t particularly aware of the Varsity Centre and all that it has to offer, which is a shame if you ask me. The Varsity Centre is home to many varsity games as I’m sure you know (FREE to students!), but it also offers drop-in running on the track (up to and including November 12th, then the dome goes up and the track is closed), drop-in hockey and drop-in sports in the dome during the winter. There are so many great, 100% free ways to stay active on campus, you’re bound to find something that suits your interests. Personally, I want to do EVERYTHING. Unfortunately there’s no Bachelor of Extra Curricular Activities offered at UofT –or anywhere for that matter--soo my time is limited for now.

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