Coffee, Coffee, Coffee: A Search for an Alternative around Kensington Market

Like most students, I absolutely love coffee. Although I am not a PSL drinker (if you don’t know what that is, pat yourself on the back), I do love my vanilla lattes and cappuccinos. Recently, however, I have been drinking more, most likely to substitute for my old nicotine addiction…

Whether it is a cappuccino,
Whether it is a cappuccino,
Or an ice cap...
Or an ice cap…
or good-old tasty residence coffee...
or good-old tasty residence coffee…
I love my coffee <3
I love my coffee <3

However, when I had one of those notorious “coffee migraines” this week after not having my morning coffee, I knew this habit was no longer in moderation.

Me off Caffeine

And so, when I was at the lovely Aunties and Uncles for some, well, coffee, I decided to go walk around Kensington Market for a healthy alternative.

But here is the thing: I am not the most intelligent person around when it comes to food in the green, red, and orange colour categories.

When I walked into these markets that had vegetables and green things that looked like vegetables, I just got plain confused.

blog 5
I found miniature trees!
What is that? Are those the tasteless leaves people put in soap?
What is that? Are those the tasteless leaves people put in soap?
I didn't know they had vegan dog treats.
I didn’t know they had vegan dog treats.

I was just shocked by all the colours, the variety, and the health smell of the place. I left pretty quickly to find only THIS:

blog 7

Indeed, the patriarchy is in healthy doses at Kensington Market. So with my options limited (because of course, I made them limited), I just went to buy some apples and walked home.

But then a funny thing happened. As I was eating one of these lovely red apples on my way back, I realized I was not crashing like I usually did before my second cup. So I looked it up and found out that although apples do not have the same stimulation as coffee, they give you more energy (i.e. calories, vitamins and minerals)!. They also contain 4g of fiber, which helps you feel full and energized for longer. An apple a day keeps the coffee away, am I right?

So tasty, so cheap, and so much energy?
So tasty, so cheap, and so much energy?

“So did you give up coffee, Haley?”

No, dear reader, I have not and nor do I plan to. But what I am trying to do is put my coffee drinking into moderation. Quitting smoking sucks, but I still need to maintain a healthy balance. Now my body has gotten used to being without nicotine (four weeks free, hurrah!). Organs take time to heal it seems, especially the brain.

And so, if you are searching for a healthy (and cheap) alternative to your potentially unhealthy lifestyle, check out the Health and Wellness’ 5-Buck Lunch happening next Wednesday, October 29th from 11:45am-2pm at Hart House (Great Hall)

Here are the slightly verbose details:

5-Buck Lunch is a culinary voyage around the U of T universe that doesn’t empty your wallet! Experience the tastes, sights and sounds of your university while enjoying a fantastic meal.

OMG I want to go on a culinary voyage!

Alright, all for now,


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