Winter sports… minus the winter.

Well, the cold and snowy season may not be upon us yet, but if winter sports are your thing, don’t fret! Thanks to the facilities at U of T, we can enjoy some winter sports right now. And by that, I mean things like... ice skating!! If you haven’t explored the Varsity Arena yet (located at 299 Bloor St., entrance on Devonshire Pl., behind Trinity College) then it is definitely worth a visit. The arena caught my attention last year when I found out that it offers students FREE drop-in skating. Like totally free. Every week. For the whole academic year! You just swipe your T card on the way in, rent a pair of skates if you need to (it’s $3 +tax) and then you’re ready to hit the ice!
The Varsity Arena
I’ve been so busy that I haven’t even had a chance yet this term to go skating there. But I did go several times last year with a bunch of friends, and I can tell you that it is a lot of fun!! I played ringette for several years so I’m comfortable on the ice, but even if you’ve never laced up before in your life, don’t hesitate to try it out! The drop-in skating is really the best place to do so – from what I recall, the rink doesn’t get too crowded, and there were people of all levels. From the figure skaters doing twirls, to the newer skaters making their way along the boards, everyone will feel at ease. No one’s out there to race or show anybody up – it’s all just about having a good time. And if you end up loving it and want to continue working on your skills, you can even sign up for some skating lessons. Then you can go impress your friends... If you are already a seasoned skater, then maybe you’d be interested in taking it one step further and going out for some pick-up hockey. Girls, don’t think that excludes you! Drop-in activities like this are all about playing the game just for the fun of it, and on Fridays it’s women-only! Skating is one of the best ways to incorporate exercise into social time while making use of the facilities we have access to as U of T students. And no one knows that better than the MoveU crew.  They’ve got a Scary Skate partylined up after the Varsity Blues Women’s hockey game against Brock next Friday, October 26th! So get your costume ready (they are encouraged, but not mandatory) come watch the game, and stick around after – there will be music, free skate rentals, and free hot chocolate. FREE HOT CHOCOLATE! I’ve already convinced one of my friends to come with me, and I hope to see lots of students there! -Lesia

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