Breaking Bad (…habits)

Moments like now, or rather months like now –also known as one of the more intense months of doom- everyone I know is rushing to keep it all together for the month. A lot of the time it’s like going up a hill and never really making it through because you collapse halfway. From fifty billion deadlines all falling on an inevitable Thursday, to mounting club events and conferences to organize, to trying to remember the outside world still exists and all of the people you haven’t seen, it’s a tough time. That and even the most basic parts of your day - i.e. eating- are suddenly sucked into the same vortex that seems to be making time fly by. I actually remember freaking out to my mom about how I barely had the time to do anything, yet funnily enough there was always time to freak out. The perplexed tone in her voice when I told her there was no time for any of what she was asking me about (sleeping, eating) was almost comical, and I was nonetheless looking more and more like real barbarian in the library.  That's about two years, more than enough sushi take out and late night pizza combined with tears, a couple of frequent meltdowns alongside some lovely ears who offered whatever comfort they could, and all of this amounts to..well... a lot of wasted time. My third time around in dealing with the craziness that exists in what so many people call "hell week" has been a major charm. Okay well, it's not exactly unicorns and daises. My workload is a lot more intense  and I am a woman with many binders at the moment. But, after two years I've come to realize the crucial difference between a good 15-minute break of say, catching up on what the interwebs was bustling over, versus the much worse six-hour break involving me, my favourite tv shows and pizza. As someone who was probably organizing my way around the womb, it's almost ironic that I couldn't get a grip on my time management. I've come to realize even if I've colour coded, underlined and bolded all my dates and task in order, none of it really matters when it comes down to actually doing the work. And as simple as that - alongside knowing what the pain of impending procrastinators doom feels like - I've toned down on the careless mistakes. So take breaks, but take smart ones. Take a look at what the experts have to say.  Also, lately I've noticed that having good ol' MoveU on my homepage reminds me of how to keep both the body and mind sane in between my scrollin n' trollin breaks. The third time around has me a little wiser, a little quirkier and a little more...well balanced? After all, I can't even fathom why else I'm attempting to sleep regularly and exercise. Is this what getting older feels like? -Vahini

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