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After Losing their Petals, New Flowers Bloom: An End to my Journey as a Blogger

It’s the end of the term and although this is not the way we were planning for it to end, I hope you are doing well. This is also my final blog as the Accessibility Services Blogger. I’m super thankful for having the opportunity this year and really enjoyed writing every single post! For this last post, I thought I’d focus on a recap of my time as a writer, what I’ve learned, and share a thank you for my wonderful time! This academic year was definitely my most challenging yet, but having this opportunity motivated me far more than I thought it would. From my very first blog, I was incredibly excited to share my journey and whatever was to come.  I’ve learned about the many resources available for students like myself - whether it is through my advisors, accessibility events, or wellness events on campus. I have been able to make strides towards my mental health too, and I’ve become so much more forgiving of myself and in understanding my needs. I hope that by writing about these journeys it has also helped you.
Pieces of paper spread out on a beige table with pens and a small floral arangment
A throwback to my very first counselling session - since then I have moved towards therapy and am hoping to learn much more!
Reflecting back, I’m not sure if I would have been registered with Accessibility Services or started counselling without wanting to write about these topics. I’m hoping that by doing so I helped reduce the stigma around these programs and services. Additionally, accessibility means even more to me now - I’m still no professional but in my everyday life it is something I’ve become far more aware of! I’ve realized that bringing more awareness to the importance of this is incredibly important. Next year, I will be heading into PEY where I am hoping to extend my accessibility knowledge into the workplace.  I’ve always been incredibly passionate about writing and I’m thankful for every post that I have been able to share. I got to meet and work with many great people and meet students in different faculties. We were able to form a community that I didn’t expect I would get out of writing blogs. I really hope I can keep up this writing, even outside of this platform.
Person holding black miniature poodle
Here's a final goodbye from my dog and I!
Overall, I want to say a final thank you for sharing this journey with me and for reading my posts. I highly encourage you all to explore the rest of the posts brought to you by Life at U of T and keep updated with Accessibility Services. You can join our Facebook group here to not miss out on updates. That is all from me - I’m wishing you all the best of luck for exams and the rest of your time here at U of T!

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  1. Thanks for writing these! It’s so wonderful to see the growth you’ve had, and I wish you luck in your future endeavours!

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