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Heads up: There’s a New Bubble Tea Place Near Campus!

A couple days ago I was invited by YGO Lab to try their bubble tea with my friend Kate. YGO Lab is a bubble tea place I’ve been to before—I love bubble tea, and with YGO Lab’s convenient location near campus and aesthetic decor, I tried it out the moment it opened.

A picture of two people holding bubble tea

YGO is located at 100B Harbord Street, slightly west of Spadina Street, right next to the popular Almond Butterfly Cafe. It’s also a few minutes away from the Athletic Centre and New College. 

The outside of YGO Bubble Tea

The first thing I noticed about YGO when I walked it was how pretty it was. The store itself has seating areas, lots of natural light, and a couple fun walls to take pictures with. They also have a self-serve machine which you can order your bubble tea on, and free wifi. Because of their seating areas and wifi, I could definitely see myself coming to YGO to study for a change of scenery.


A picture of a self-serve ordering machine

A picture of two drinks in a cafe

We tried out two teas at YGO: their Torched Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Foam ($6.00) and their Lemon 2.0 Black Tea ($6.00), both with boba. I found both of these bubble teas to be slightly on the expensive side, but I was impressed to see that the Torched Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Foam was very extravagant, and the Lemon 2.0 Black Tea came in a very large container. Given the additional toppings and large size of these bubble teas, I think they’re both pretty good deals, especially considering that basic, milk black tea can run you $6.00 at other bubble tea places. 

A picture of the menu for YGO Lab Toronto.
The menu!

Kate and I first tried out the Torched Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Foam. This was one of the most extravagant bubble teas I’ve ever tried. From what I could tell, it was made up of milk, tea, brown sugar, a thick layer of cream, boba, and then torched to give it a caramelized, burnt flavour which reminded me of marshmallows. Overall we both loved this—it was a really fun drink, and definitely something I would get if I wanted to treat myself. It was very rich though, and I was glad that Kate and I were sharing it, so keep that in mind. It’s definitely not your everyday bubble tea! 

A picture of bubble teaA picture of bubble tea

Kate and I then tried out the Lemon 2.0 Black Tea. This one was totally different—it was black tea mixed with lemon juice and sugar, with lots of boba. I would totally get this again; it was incredibly light and refreshing, had a strong but not overpowering fruit taste, and came in a very large container. Compared to other fruit teas I’ve tried, this one was especially refreshing and well-balanced. 

 A picture of bubble teaA picture of bubble tea

Overall, I definitely recommend you check out YGO! I thought the ambience and location of the place was great, and though the bubble tea was on the expensive side, it 100% made up for this through its taste, presentation, and size. I’ll definitely be going back! 

Have you tried YGO? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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