Coming Home to Caffiends

When I got back on campus at the end of Orientation, the first thing I did was visit Caffiends, Victoria College's student-run fair-trade café, located on the first floor of Old Vic, the college's castle-like building. As always, stepping into the cozy room felt like going home in a way that no other place on campus quite managed to rival. Coffee cup on a table in Caffiends

The Wonderful World of Student Run Cafés

With the new semester, I've found myself with a schedule that leaves me with a lot of time to kill on campus between classes. Though school may have only just started, I've already grown tired of frequenting the same Starbucks every day, and my wallet is really feeling the pinch. This week I decided to kill two birds with one stone: explore as many student run cafés and restaurants as I could in order to find a place that I wouldn't mind spending time in, and that wouldn't hurt my wallet. Diabolos Coffee Bara sign reading "diabolos" with an illustration of a coffee cherry After a hiatus last year, UC's 50 year old student run cafe is back and better than ever. Diabolos' space in UC's Junior Common Room was recently renovated into a bright and airy one, dotted with ivy and tiny succulents. Diabolos specializes in espresso based drinks (all of which can be found under $3!), but also offers delicious locally baked cookies, kombucha, as well as vegetarian wraps and sandwiches. photo of hanging plants above the counter