A Day in My Life as a Life Science Student

When asked about what blog posts U of T students are interested in seeing on the Life at U of T blog, some of you mentioned a “day in my life”, so I’ve decided to make a blog post dedicated to one of my glorious days at U of T (not). I chose to write about my Thursdays since most of my days are (admittedly) uninteresting and just consists of me sitting in Convocation Hall for 5 hours straight (that’s my entire Friday), so enjoy! 7:00 am My classes on Thursdays don’t actually start until 10 am, but since I commute, I need to allocate time for transit. I wake up at 7 am and I’m out the door at 8 am to catch my GO train. My commute is an hour long (read my post about commuting), and then I take the TTC to go from Union station to the St. George campus. Normally, I’ll stop by Tim Hortons or Starbucks for a cup of coffee before heading to class (this is a must!).
Picture of me holding a reusable Starbucks cup on the St.George campus
10:00 am My first class is BCH210 in Convocation Hall. My friend normally saves me a seat since there are a lot of students in this class. The lecture is only 1 hour long so time flies by really quickly!
Picture of students inside Convocation Hall
The view inside Convocation Hall
11:00 am On Thursdays, I have a 2-hour break from 11-1pm. I normally find a nice and quiet spot nearby to eat my lunch while completing some readings. If my next class is in Convocation Hall (which it is), I’ll head over to the Medical Sciences building (bonus: there’s microwaves there). Since my lunch break is long, I’ll look over my notes and get some work done for any of my classes or I’ll review lab material if I have a lab scheduled for that day.
Picture of my laptop displaying my notes and my lunch
Having lunch and studying... the perfect combo
1:00 pm My next class, BIO230, is yet again in Convocation Hall. It’s not super crowded, but I still sit in the same area as I do for my other classes (does anyone else do that?). Another quick 1-hour lecture passes by.   2:00 pm I have a biweekly biology lab immediately following the lecture, so I run to Ramsey Wright Laboratories, grab my lab stuff, and attend my 3-hour lab.   5:00 pm Finally, my day is done and I head home!   8:00 pm At night, I re-write the lecture notes I took that day to consolidate what was taught. I’ll add supplementary notes from the textbook to the lecture notes to make them complete. Once I’m done that, I look at my schedule for the next day, see what I need to bring or prepare beforehand, and pack my bag. By now, it’s usually 11:00 pm so I call it a night! 🙂   Of course, my schedule varies every day, and depending on what classes I have, my routine is slightly different. Regardless, I hope you got a sense of what a day in my life looks like as a life science student here at U of T! Cheers!    

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  1. Hello! Thank you for making this post! I just discovered it now and really enjoyed it! I’m a high school student who’s making decisions on university. Would you recommend the school?

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