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Staying on “Track” During my Commute

"I love commuting", said no one ever. As a commuter, I frequently complain about having to spend more than 2 hours travelling to and from campus every day. Being a student, I find that every second of the day matters, so I’ve learned how to make use of my time spent on the GO train. Perhaps the most productive way to pass time is to get some school work done. Since the GO train isn’t exactly the most ideal working space, I’m limited to the type of work I can do. On my trip to school, I like to complete my readings for the courses that I have the following day. Since the environment is nice and quiet (shoutout to the quiet zone), I’m able to get a lot of reading done, which helps me stay on top of all my work. On my trip back home, I normally like to type out my notes for the classes I attended that day to consolidate what I had just learned. Not only does this act as a mini review session for me, it also makes my study notes available come test time.
Picture of me holding a book on the GO train
Completing my readings on the GO train
I also like to spend my time commuting by quietly testing myself on the material that was taught on the previous day; reviewing my cue cards is one of my favourite ways to do this since they’re easily accessible. For days when I have a biology or chemistry lab, I like to review the lab material so that the instructions are fresh in my head. Although I try to be as productive as possible, I must admit that there are days when I want to take a break and just relax (like after a midterm!). Listening to music is a nice way to pass time, or I like to do other miscellaneous things like replying to emails, scrolling through social media, or enjoying a quick snack or two. I also can’t forget my favourite pastime… sleeping! It’s nice to enjoy a nap on days when I’m feeling tired (especially on the morning trains for my 9 am classes!). Sometimes, falling asleep on the GO train is inevitable. While I don't exactly *love* commuting, I'm still choosing to continue to commute next year. I hope other students are able to make good use of their time commuting as well. Happy travels to fellow commuters!

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