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3 Reasons Why I Take a Variety of Courses at U of T

As a life science student, there are a lot of courses that are mandatory, but there is still room left for elective courses. With the numerous courses that U of T offers, I find it hard sometimes to narrow my choices down to a couple courses. In my first year, I took a diversity of courses like PSY 100, INI 103 and SII 199. I found that taking a variety of courses from different subject areas is the most beneficial to me as opposed to strictly selecting science-based courses. Discovering what I like… and dislike I’ve always had interest in the science field because I’m able to learn about things that are applicable to my everyday life, so undoubtedly, I chose a lot of science courses in my first year. However, having taken INI 103: Writing Essays in the Fall semester of my first year, my love for the English subject really grew. I discovered that I love to write (even essays!), and I also love to read the pieces that my peers create (super inspiring!). It was because of this course that I decided to pursue an English major (something I never thought I would have done) alongside my Human Biology major.
picture of my INI 103 lecture hall
my ini 103 lecture hall
On the other hand, after taking HPS 120: How to Think About Science, I learned that philosophy isn’t for me. It’s definitely a matter of preference because my friend really enjoyed this course, which is why it’s important to try a variety of courses to see what suits me.
picture of my hps 120 lecture hall
my hps 120 lecture hall
  Meeting friends Since I mostly take science courses, the friends I meet there are from similar academic backgrounds and goals. Taking a diversity of course means that I come across a lot of people from different areas of studies. I really liked talking to some of my peers from my other classes (I met some really cool people from my psychology class!) and I was able to learn so much about what other programs are like. Exploring the campus Since I took so many different courses last year, I was able to visit a lot of cool buildings on campus. If it weren’t for my HPS 120 class, I would’ve never walked all the way to Victoria College and discovered Emmanuel College (one of my favourite study places). I wouldn’t normally have the time to deliberately go out and explore the architecture, so it’s nice when I have classes from different places so that I can explore the campus! This year, I continued to take a variety of courses at U of T and I can't wait until classes start! 🙂  

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