My Favourite Study Places

One of my favourite things about the St. George campus at U of T is the incredible architecture. No matter which part of the campus I’m at, I can always find a nice building nearby to settle down to complete my schoolwork. With the numerous buildings on campus, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite buildings to study in. Hart House Reading Room Located in the ‘heart’ of the campus, I come here the most often since all my classes are conveniently located nearby. The Reading Room provides a great study space; I like that there’s couches that are quite comfortable (perfect for studying and taking a quick nap) and lots of natural lighting. I find that the Reading Room is great for group projects since it is spacious, and you don’t have to *whisper*. Plus, Hart House gives me serious Harry Potter vibes… what more could you ask for?
Picture of couches in the Hart House Reading Room
Picture of tables, chairs, and couches in the Hart House Reading Room
Bahen Centre The location of Bahen was also quite convenient for me last year, so it was also one of my most visited places. The building is huge (I had trouble finding my classroom… twice) so there are a variety of different study spaces available. Since I like studying in spaces where there is natural light, I tend to sit at the tables along the windows  of the building. My favourite part about Bahen is that if there are no window seats available, I can always make my way up the building where there are lots more spaces for me to complete my readings. The downside is that Bahen is quite noisy since there are a lot of students coming in and out of classes, but I just plug in my headphones and tune out.
Picture of a computer and coffee mug and the window view from inside Bahen
Emmanuel College After discovering this building on my way to St. Michael’s college, it quickly became my favourite place. The library, which contains a unique selection of books, is found on the third level, and is a popular study area for many students. I personally like the quiet common room just next to the library entrance. Not only is the room spacious and comfortable, the atmosphere is nice and warm, and you can hear the piano silently playing in the background (perfect studying music!). There are limited seats, however, so I head to one of the other study rooms if it’s full. Sadly, none of my classes last year were close to Emmanuel College, so I couldn’t visit it as much as I wanted to, but I like to come here whenever I have a longer break in between classes.
study space in emmanuel college
I’m looking forward to exploring the campus some more next year and discovering new places! Happy exploring to all 🙂

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