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Strength Series – Part 4: Lead

In the final workshop of the series, we focus on leadership. Here are 4 things I learned from this week: Big L vs little l I used to think that leadership was limited to certain positions, like CEOs and managers, etc. But now I’m realizing that leadership isn’t just telling people what do or holding a superior position, because that’s just the big L. There’s also everyday leadership, not limited to positions or titles. It’s in the space of daily life, the small but mighty l. There’s many I’s in team In every team, there are a unique set of people who each have a unique set of strengths. Maybe someone will be in charge and help guide the group along, but everyone has their own strengths to bring to the table. I think that one of the best ways to lead is to be self aware about your own strengths and encourage others to engage in their own, while working together. Teamwork makes the dream work! Expectations vs reality I also used to think that leaders had to have specific personalities and strengths, such as being extroverted or assertive. But I’ve learned that although it may be true certain situations and environments may require certain traits, I don’t have to meet every expectation or expect others to. There isn’t always one way of doing something, so I might as well do it the best way I can. Strong At the end of the workshop, we each shared one word to reflect on the past four workshops. I shared the first word that came to me, strong. It may be quite an obvious choice, but it still captures what I’ve come to feel by the end of the series. These workshops have reminded me that I am strong because I have unique talents. They have taught me that I am stronger when I am surrounded by other strong people. And lastly, they have inspired me to keep growing stronger. Remember to keep an eye out for future leadership workshops or events to gain some extra self-awareness, make new experiences, and meet new friends. Questions, comments, and concerns - send them below or email See you soon for more workshop and event reflections.

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