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Just do it: my new love and the freedom to change your mind

Guess what? A photo of Annette's new skates. I took the plunge! I bought my own beautiful pair of skates! Did my wallet cry a little? Yes. Am I beyond excited? Yes. On my way home to my parents’ house I took a detour to the Figure Skating Boutique in Markham. It was a whole other world. I’m sure my knowing nothing about figure skates gave everyone a good chuckle. Now I’m counting down to Wednesday, which will hopefully help me get through an overwhelming next couple of days. I can’t wait for my skating class to try these babies out! The rentals are useful, I don’t have to bring skates to campus, but I prefer to have a custom fit - since my feet are done growing, I considered this a good investment. These skates feel like an extension of my legs! I can’t wait to see what I can do! I’m so grateful for my discovery of the skating class at Varsity Centre. When your skating experience consists of a jam-packed Nathan Phillips Square outdoor ice rink, it’s easy not to discover a true appreciation for the sport/art. This class allowed me to do that. With a rink shared by only myself and a dozen or so other people, and an instructor to teach me to really skate, I have fallen in love. It feels great. Last Wednesday, while I worked on my crossovers, I found myself humming some sort of classical music to myself. I am an ice princess. I have no shame.
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So, I guess the moral of the story is get out there and discover all that this campus has to offer us! It’ll probably never be more convenient for you to try these classes, and they truly are fantastic. I have yet to find one I don’t really enjoy. If you’ve never had the chance to truly experience some of these sports, I’m telling you, you may not know what you’re missing! I’ve spoken to many people who admit they “were thinking about” or “really wanted to” or “almost did” take such a such class. So many people. Take the leap, friends. Funny thing is, in most cases it’s a class I’ve taken and can then highly recommend to these peers. A collage of a variety of sports Annette has enjoyed over the years. I’ve had the privilege of enjoying a very large number of sports/disciplines and truthfully, the only one I didn’t like was cross country running. The only reason I didn’t like it, was that I was absolutely awful at it, and it frequently involved being cold, wet and covered in mud. I understand it can be difficult to commit to a registered class because of the associated costs, but the Athletic Centre/Varsity Centre/Goldring Centre have a reasonable withdrawal policy. So, what registered classes are you thinking about taking? What’s stopping you?
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