The Start of a Great Journey!

Picture of yours truly with my archaeological finding!
Oh, the excitement of our first discovery at the Drawsko site in Poland! Credit: Danielle Donnelly
              Hey there! My name is Meimei and I’m excited to join this AWESOME group of Life @ U of T bloggers for the upcoming school year. I am SUPER EXCITED to blog about our awesome university and events that take place on-campus! And of course share my experiences at U of T with you!  Yay! As this is my first blog post of the year, a brief introduction is in order! You can learn more about me and my fellow bloggers if you click on the Crew tab – go ahead, you won’t regret it! So let’s get right down to it! So a little about me….. Before I applied to U of T, I followed this blog “almost” every day and it’s so cool that 4 years later I’m one of the bloggers now! I hope that you, YES YOU, will love this blog as much as I did (....and still do, of course!)

I’m currently double majoring in Biological Anthropology and Biodiversity & Conservation Biology as well as minoring in Buddhism, Psychology, & Mental Health. Oh my! So many interests but so little time! I truly believe that your undergraduate years are the best time to explore a variety of subjects and at U of T, there a TONS of courses to pick from. Hence my broad spectrum of Subject POSts. Beyond the walls of a classroom, I am involved in a number of on-campus organizations such as Friends of Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) where I serve as the Media Coordinator, U of T Dance Club among many more. I love attending Hart House Theatre productions as well as UC Follies’ productions. I absolutely love to travel and explore other cultures – one of the most amazing experiences of my life was when I had the opportunity (thanks to the Cloister Educational Foundation of Toronto Award given to me by U of T that I applied for after acceptance into the program) to travel to Poland and take part in the excavation of a 17th century burial (caution: possible vampires)! Not only did I learn about forensics but I also learned a lot about the Polish culture during that era, the architecture and of course, FOOD! Did someone say Pierogis? YUM!

Our bearded skeleton (Credit: Meimei)
Our bearded skeleton (Credit: Meimei)
Close up of the bearded skeleton's facial hair! (Credit: Meimei)
Close up! Facial hairrrr! (Credit: Meimei)
The City of Amber! AKA Gdansk, Poland. Picture of the port. (Credit: Meimei)
The City of Amber! AKA Gdansk, Poland. (Credit: Meimei)

My hope is that through me you’ll get a better sense of what U of T life is like, the opportunities we have open to us, the places we often stumble upon, and the chance encounters this place makes happen. When I came here my friends back home would joke that I was going to “Hogwarts,” not U of T. Yes, there are several places on campus including several dining halls that does have a little bit of a Harry Potter feel to it, but let me tell you… this place? It’s pretty magical. Stay cool ;)…until next time! Meimei

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