I’m done! (Or am i?)

Hi I’m Sargam, and I’ve got something to share with you. See, I’m done all my credits, I’ve pushed through 4 years of an Honours BSc in Psychology and Neuroscience with a minor in biology. I’ve passed my exams, credit/no credit-ed a few courses, written my essays, tried my hand at research, switched my POSt (a few hundred times), used up all my OSAP, and done everything that supposedly comes with doing a life science degree at UofT.
Sargam with her laptop and a pained expression on her face sitting at the library
In EJ Pratt, and just about done with life apparently
The only thing is that after four years here, I don’t feel like I’m done. It feels like my years here have been very ‘textbook’. I’ve done what I felt was expected of me and that’s it! When I realized I had finished my credits, I was actually kind of … sad. I realized that there has to be more to this, I realized that I hadn’t customized my experience to fit my personality, I realized that I needed some more time so I could get it all out of my system. That’s when I decided that I wasn’t done just yet. I wanted to continue taking courses without feeling like I had to, I wanted to work in student life or in the community to share my experiences with mental health, fitness, relationships and addiction. I wanted to volunteer for organizations that really made me feel things. I wanted to start a YouTube channel or my own blog, even. I decided part-time studies would be the best option for me. This way I could take a few courses through continuing education and develop skills that would prepare me for the workplace or perhaps take some creative writing courses to exercise a skill that I had long ago put to sleep.
a cartoon of two people in a lab setting with full body suits on and strapping on their gloves as if to start a chemistry experiment
i'm sure this is what i'm going to look like while i tackle this year
  At the same time, I would still be able to take undergrad courses that I passed on because I was busy fulfilling my credits. There was also the fact that I wasn’t a morning person whatsoever, so I tried my best to fill my schedule with solely evening classes (I know this isn’t how one should pick courses but I am what I am, ok.) Oh and of course, one of the things that I didn’t do was take a seminar class in my 4th year. Some departments offer smaller class sizes and a deeper look into a special topic which are different every year and are designed to help you peek into what graduate degree courses might be like. One of my friends did one of those and made me very jealous with stories about how she interacted with the professor. But no, I’m not just enrolling in part-time studies because my friend made me jealous, I also want to enjoy this city and this campus a little longer, I want to explore every inch of it. I want to make more friends on campus and spend my days taking advantage of the free stuff! Like the gym, for example, which is included in our tuition but I completely forgot it existed until just this moment while writing this blog. Lucky for you guys that while I am on this quest to find my one true love and try new things, you guys get to hear all about it through this wonderful blog that the Community Crew works on every year. For the 2016/2017 school year, you’ll hear me rant and ramble on, once almost every week. So tune in and feel free to leave a comment! Hopefully, I can bring out the eat-pray-love in a few of you.
A picture of Sargam wearing a dress on a canoe, looking out into the distance with a contemplative look on her face
Me being very candid on purpose trying to reflect and smell the roses

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