Introductory posts are the hardest ones to write, a monologue

A brief introduction to me, my quirks, and my personal interests.
Hey there! My name’s Albert. As the summer season sets in (also known as the season of sunny sweat) and more time is spent with air conditioning indoors, icy drinks by the water, and reading updates on the Life @ UofT blog, I’ll be one of your bloggers this year. In addition, I’ll also be the main curator of the @lifeatuoft Instagram, so check that out! Who am I? I’m a student at University College going into my third year doing a double major in Cinema Studies and Political Science as well as a minor in History. Some of my friends joke that my mind functions like a movie; colours are brighter and mundane things appear photogenic, music runs in the background as I walk, and there is always a plot to my day. Most of this is accurate – with the exception of background music playing as I walk. Actually, background music plays as I eat, sit, sleep, and read, too. Characteristic of my program choice, I love watching films and analyzing them to no end. Personally, my all-time favourite film is 500 Days of Summer, and it has held that rank for five years now.
ALT="Me visiting Vancouver! I'm striking a movie pose."
This is me when I visited Vancouver this past reading week! More often than not, this is my default *movie* pose for photos.
I’m the kind of person who laughs at their own jokes, usually cracking up before delivering the punchline. My favourite ones to tell are dad jokes – which are, in my opinion, the coolest (or most cringe-worthy) – and so I’ll apologize in advance for any facepalms or second hand embarrassed groans I’ll inspire. When I’m not making great (bad) jokes, I’m working on my own photography, performing at Open Mics, staying active at Hart House gym, or seeing live concerts of my favourite bands and artists. I’m a lover of the arts here on campus (specifically music and photography), as well as an amateur connoisseur of local Toronto restaurants nearby campus and around the city. I’m excited to share my perspectives and student life experiences with you all. First and second year involved a lot of soul searching and understanding who I am, what I enjoy, and trying new things. I’ve learned a lot so far, from what my favourite libraries are, to my preferred definition of the word “aesthetic”, to finding the best student-budget friendly meals around town. I’ve gotten highly involved with the University College Literary and Athletic Society serving as the lower-year editor for the fantastic UC Review and, more recently, as a Mid Year Rep and Literary and Creative Arts deputy on the Lit.
ALT="At the University College Awards Ceremony, posing with the Lit."
At the University College Awards Ceremony, posing with the Lit. It was a great night. Photo courtesy of the University College Literary and Athletic Society
And finally, I have the honour of affectionately (not with disdain!) being called a hipster, so I figure I’m doing something relatively right. That’s me! I will be posting about all kinds of student life things, so stay tuned. Also, I’ve spared you a joke this time, but I’ll show no mercy come my next post.
ALT="Looking profoundly off into the distance, as usual, but really thinking about food."
My friend took this photo of me on my birthday looking profoundly off into the distance. In reality, I was thinking about the food we were about to go get.
It’d be awesome learning about y’all too! Who are your favourite bands? You can send me a comment below or ask me questions via the Instagram @lifeatuoft. Until next time!

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