Exam Jam!

I cannot believe we are at the end of the semester already. Last week I had my last classes as a third year (!!!) and now I'm finishing up my last essay and prepping for exams. This past weekend has been very stressful and busy for me (and probably a lot of you too) so I decided to take some time out on Monday to visit U of T's Exam Jam in Sid Smith. I've always known of this event but somehow in the last three years I've never actually gone, but I'm glad I did this year. There were adorable dogs, and food, and stations where you could make friendship bracelets, plant seeds, draw, and take pictures at a photobooth. Definitely worth taking a break from my marathon essay writing to visit. Check out some pictures below! people at tables and walking around doing activities Some friendship bracelets being made! a red table with string on it for making friendship bracelets Api's bracelet, just look at that mastery, true craftswoman here. a pair of hands showing off the bracelet they made Just one of the three dogs that were there! (I was too busy petting it to take good pictures) a bernese mountain dog Planting stationa pile of dirt on a table surrounded by little pots. Yummy healthy snacks! (look at those apples, those are like stock-photo worthy. They also tasted great).a table full of healthy snacks like bananas and apples and granola bars Tips on writing essays and studying! piles of papers that tell how to best study or write essays Good luck on your exams U of T! Keep a lookout on twitter or facebook for other de-stressing events over the exam period!

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