Upcoming Events

Exam Jam Chill Spot

Chill Spots was one of the ideas that emerged from last years Whole Student Development domain’s research. What if we could transform existing, underused spaces at a minimal cost to better meet student needs? This year, the Innovation Hub has dedicated a team of staff and students to work on the feasibility analysis of Chill Spots, in collaboration with the Innovation Hub’s UX Prototyping team. One of the ways we can measure if this idea could live at UofT is to create a minimal viable product. We invite all of you to interact with one possible version of Chill Spots at this years Exam Jam, happeningFriday, Dec 8 th at Sidney Smith Hall from 11am – 3pm. Our Chill Spot will be located in the glass room at the end of the lobby. There will be activities, a place for you to relax, make friends and recharge during this stressful time of year. We look forward to seeing you there!

Past Events

Innovation Hours  2016-17

January & February Innovation Hours

The Innovation Hub has been talking to students about their experiences at the University.  We’ve also met with a number of faculty and staff to discuss their perceptions and insights about student experiences. We need your insights.  Innovation Hub teams have crafted project ideas to help the University meet student needs. We would like to invite staff, students, and faculty to our upcoming Innovation Hours to learn about some of our ideas and provide insight and feedback.  We hope to see you there!

November & October Innovation Hours

The Innovation Hub is looking to create positive change at U of T in five domains. Join us for the November Innovation Hours and share your experiences!  Connect with other UofT students, staff and faculty in a  safe and collaborative space for open and honest communication. It’s time to make your voice heard, ask and answer questions and provide feedback that will directly impact UofT.

July & August Innovation Hours

The Innovation Hour is an informal morning coffee hour for staff, faculty & students who are interested in learning more about the Innovation Hub and sharing innovative ideas that will enhance the student experience at the University of Toronto.  It’s a chance to chat with colleagues about where innovation is already happening, to learn more about the Innovation Hub and to brainstorm opportunities for innovation.  Hub updates will be provided during these meetings.

Share-back Days

On November 30 and December 5, we will be taking the next step and sharing our insights with staff across the university during the Innovation Hub’s Share Back Days. Feedback is extremely valuable to the work of the Innovation Hub. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the Innovation Hub and to contribute thoughts on how to improve the student experience at the University of Toronto. By participating in the Share Back Days, you will hear from representatives from each of the five domains about their research to date.  You will also join them to share your ideas and expertise in various brainstorming activities. You’ll get to experience first-hand design and innovative thinking methodologies.