screenshot of the TCard documentation tool

Photo and Gov ID Submission Software (2.2)

Through the implementation of new photo and government ID submission software, TCard Services, Student Life IT and Communications have achieved remarkable progress in supporting students in navigating services.

The introduction of innovative software has not only transformed UTORid activation but has also dramatically improved overall efficiency. Students can now submit their documentation online, along with their photo, to activate their UTORid before they come to campus rather than complete a virtual appointment with TCard staff. As a result, virtual appointments were reduced from 26,000 to less than 5 across all three campuses in 2023-24.

The newly developed TCard website includes a documentation tool, guiding users in understanding their unique requirements to ensure they submit the correct documents and avoid any delay in getting their UTORid or TCard. This tool, combined with the advanced photo and government ID software, has significantly cut down the identity and legal status verification process to less than two minutes per student, a notable enhancement from the previous 12 minutes, improving the student experience in navigating U of T administrative requirements.