Screenshot of the off-campus Housing website

New Housing Website (2.3)

Finding safe and affordable housing is one of the top concerns of students each year. The new Off-Campus Housing Finder website was launched in June 2022 to support students with the tools to find the housing they need. 

Included in the site is an improved map tool which assists students who aren’t familiar with Toronto and offers information on how to avoid housing scams for new renters. The easy-to-use resource section and vibrant calls-to-action/news section also assist students in finding suitable and safe rental accommodation and/or roommates. 

The Housing Finder ads site saw more than 287,000 logins, an almost 27% increase over the year before. Those logins included 8,770 new student accounts created. In addition, the Avoid Scams page on the Housing Finder Website saw more than 1,000 unique page visits in 2022-2023.