two male students studying on a computer

Learning Well series

Academic Success created the Learning Well in First Year, Learning Well in Second Year, Learning Well for Grads and the Learning How to Learn group to address the needs of different audiences and bolster academic resilience.

These programs were specifically designed to support a holistic student experience that draws on students’ lived experiences, and Indigenous approaches to learning and ways of knowing.

Feedback from students has been exceptional.

“I feel like a lot of students, including myself prior to this program, are missing out on a lot of great resources that are offered by the university. 

I think at times a lot of us can feel overwhelmed because of all the pressure we are receiving from different classes and we forget that there are people and resources that can help us get out of these situations. 

But I find that it helps if I take a step back to assess the whole situation and see where I can seek help and improve the situation, and then eventually it becomes easier.”      – Learning Well in Second Year participant 

“I really appreciated how the program acknowledged and worked from the idea that most barriers have to do with negative emotions about oneself or one’s capacity, as opposed to simply scheduling or something. 

I was able to be vulnerable and I benefited from other participants sharing their emotions as well. 

The program did a wonderful job at teaching actionable strategies while continuously circling back to self-compassion as we started implementing the techniques for learning well.”   – Learning Well for Grads participant