When Life gives you Readings, Find a Library

I live alone. I chose to live alone, and for all intents and purposes I truly enjoy living without a roommate. I have the freedom to walk around in my boxers as I please while singing nineties pop songs at the top of my lungs. On a more practical level, I thought that living alone would allow me to live in a haven of focus and concentration. A space where I could hide away and focus on my studies without distraction. It turns out that my apartment will probably never become a distraction-free study space.
A photo of a lap top screen in front of a television screen with a lady on the television
super meta, I know!
But to compensate for the bounty of distraction that I face in my apartment, I have learned the value of essentially living in various libraries, and by various, I mean three different ones. So I thought I would write about them.

The Most Magical Place on Campus: Visiting the Thomas Fisher Rare Books Library

There are few things that go together better than Robarts and Buzzfeed. We've all had that moment where your twenty minute coffee break turns into an hour of reading listicles and finding out which celebrity dog you are. Things got…