5 Unmistakable Parts of The Student Experience At U of T

Here are four unmistakable aspects of student life at U of T.

Recently, I attended a "Toronto Tips" session hosted by U of T's Centre For International Experience, which focused on activities to do in Toronto as a U of T student, both on and off campus. Even though the event was designed for international students (and I am not an international student), there were still interesting tidbits mentioned about how to enrich your experience in Toronto, and, taking advantage of all the opportunities the city (and U of T), have to offer.

1. Visiting Museums and Art Galleries

I, for one, can't rave enough about the fact that being a U of T student gives you access (either free or discounted) to certain museums and galleries. For example, on Tuesdays, any full-time student attending a Canadian post-secondary institution may visit the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) for free!

architectural photography of royal ontario museum building

The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) also offers free admission to all visitors under 25 years of age.

2. Eating From The Food Trucks Outside The Sydney Smith Building

As a self-pronounced "foodie", I'm always in the mood to eat––especially right after sitting in class for hours. One of my favourite aspects of being on-campus is stopping by at the brown and blue food truck along St. George street. There's always a yummy option (ex. hot dogs, hamburgers, fries and more), whether you've just arrived at campus or right before you head home after an evening class.

red food truck outside Robarts library,  surrounded by green trees and leaves

3. Making Trips Around Town

I'm slowly, but surely, becoming a plant lover, so I particularly love making trips to the Allans Garden Conservatory. There are so many other amazing places to visit in the city, such as Kensington Market, a diverse neighbourhood in downtown Toronto.

large cacti and birdbox handing from a wire

4. Attending A Hart House Event

Hart House events are quite fun to attend and there are always shows to watch, whether by the Hart House theatre or the Hart House chorus, or other clubs and groups. For example, at the Hart House theatre on the St. George campus, tickets are available at a discount to students. While not all of these activities may be on in the fall, there should definitely be some interesting in-person events to attend.

large hart house building with arched windows, stairs and yellow leaves handing from a tree

5. Spending A Whole Night Studying At Robarts Library

Renting out study rooms with your friends at the Robarts Library is a staple of student life at U of T. Studying with friends is always a great way to keep things interesting while you're trying to learn and retain important information. Even when I'm not studying with friends, the large number of students that are always present in the library usually helps me feel less alone.

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