The best quiet spots on campus – Part 1

Have you ever walked around campus with all its bustling and hustling, and wondered where on St. George can you find a quiet spot to study, relax, or eat? I wondered too, and I polled the students who were interviewed for this coming year's intUiT: Student Guide to Life at U of T (here's a link to last year's) about their favourite locations to study or chill. Guess what? I didn't know half the places they mentioned! So along with Mr. Spock, we headed out to document all these secret gems on campus. There were so many that I'm going to spread out my findings over three days, so stay tuned for parts two and three tomorrow and Friday! For a sneak peak, click to see the map above full size. Today, I'll show you all the spots I know on the west side of campus. This is my co-conspirator, Mr. Spock: 1. Shore + Moffat Architecture Landscape & Design Library in the Architecture Building (AR) The Shore + Moffat Library is hidden on the second floor of the Architecture Building. It's an industrial-looking building with a small, always-changing gallery on the first floor. The library is intimate and has a fabulous big window with great natural lighting. 2. Earth Sciences Library - Noranda (ES) The Earth Sciences Library is also tucked away on the second floor. Situated in the Earth Sciences Building, it is a two-storied space with a spiral staircase leading to individual study carrels on the second floor. 3. Meditation Room in the Multifaith Centre (KP) The Multifaith Centre is in Koffler House (previously known as Koffler Institute) and the meditation room is truly a hidden gem. You step in and the entire front wall is literally green. It's beautiful, and the trickling of water is very soothing. 4. Wilson Hall New College (WI) I heard this space being renovated last year during my NEW209 class. It's an open and spacious space with very comfortable seating. Very cushy, too. 5. Grad Room (GD) I've never been to the Grad Room before, and it's a great space! It's a café, information desk and a patio all rolled into one. Thanks to Rory from the info desk for the following pictures! (Getting release forms for all the people that would have been in my photograph would've been a NiGhTmArE - yes, the level of nightmare-ness is equivalent to that of sticky caps). Rory also showed me its basement, which is a great space for presentations or small parties. It has two LCD TVs and a projector and screen with all the furniture on wheels so the space's layout is truly customizable. Email gradroom(@) to book this space! 6. Innis College (IN) I'm in love with Innis College. Apart from the fresh orange juice from the Innis Cafe and the snarky askastudents, Innis has a cute little student lounge open to all students with a microwave and sink. 7. Robarts Library (RL) Oh Robarts Library. It's so big and there are students absolutely everywhere. It's such an amazing building, and there is more than just one space that's fabulous. a) 4th Floor, Periodical Stacks Okay. I will totally study here next year. You walk past the stacks and this space is hidden, but if you walk in, you'll emerge into a warmly coloured, high ceiling space with computer booths. This space is so high and open that I didn't feel any of the stuffyness I usually find in other spaces and it has huge windows and natural lighting. It's perfect. b) 9th Floor, North Apex I'm told this space is newly renovated and it certainly feels new. I love the amount of lights each table gets. c) 13th Floor This floor was quoted as "creepily quiet". True to its name, the 13th floor is eerie. It's still and silent, and the automatic lights are strangely slower than the other floors to flicker on. I walked halfway through a stack before the lights turned on. It's also strangely unpopulated. I didn't see anybody there even though the other floors were filled. Stay tuned for more quiet spots in different sections of campus tomorrow! If you have any favourite spots, comment below and I'll see if I can go there before this Friday!

13 comments on “The best quiet spots on campus – Part 1

  1. I love your pictures Cynthia! I’ve got to check out the Architecture building now! This is such a helpful post.

  2. Is the grad room actually an option for undergrads to study in though? I’d hate to actually suffer graduate studies just for the privilege of being able to spend my miserable study time there!

  3. @Lori: Thank you! Bahen Center wasn’t mentioned in the polls, I guess for good reason!

    @Lucy: Check out today’s post. Gerstein was such fun to explore!

    @tal: I asked for you, and I quote: “technically, [the Grad Room] is for grad students only, but in reality? No.” Meaning that undergrads study there and eat there and book the space there all the time, because it’s not like a bar. You’re not going to get carded. Yay! No need to suffer graduate studies to use it!

  4. @Alicia – I’m not sure, actually. There are places inside Multifaith where you can study of course, but I don’t know if there are designated study spaces. It’s been a while since I’ve visited so your best bet is to go check it out! Sorry I can’t be more help 🙁

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