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Ways I Plan To Get More Involved At U of T This Fall

Here are five ways I want to get more involved at U of T.

Attending club events and making friends in classes are just two ways to get the most out of your university experience. However, in my final year, I'm curious about the other ways I can get involved at U of T. This university offers immense support to students looking to get involved on-campus, from participating in extra-curricular clubs to attending Hart House events to receiving personal fitness training.

Here are some ways I plan to integrate more into the U of T community this September:

1. Applying For Work Study Positions

On the Career & Co-Curricular Learning Network (CLNx) there are dozens of work study positions that students may apply for. The maximum amount of work hours these positions offer is 15 hours, which makes a work study job the perfect way to make some extra money, without overworking yourself or drawing attention away from your studies.

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2. Lead A Recognized Study Group

I signed up for a recognized study group last year, and it was a fantastic way to form new friendships, improve my relationships with my professors, and learn the course material more profoundly.

This year, I plan to join more recognized study groups, because I've discovered that I learn well and pay attention more closely in group settings. It's also been a great way to get to know my classmates and the other students in my program that I likely would never have met otherwise.

3. Getting To Know My Professors More Closely

Aside from just taking notes and asking questions during class, I also plan to take advantage of office hours and meet up with my professors regularly. Developing camaraderie with my professors always helps me improve my understanding of course assignments.

I feel way more comfortable asking questions and participating during class, if I've taken the time to meet my professor personally. Professors often become more invested in your success once they see that you're putting in the effort, and a great way to let them know you care, is to build an authentic friendship with them. Plus, letting your professors get to know you is a smart networking method –– you never know when you may need a professional reference!

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4. Signing Up For Hart House Fitness Events

Aside from taking daily walks, I'm interested in boosting my fitness skills and getting my heart pumping more! Thankfully, Hart House offers virtual and in-person fitness events, such as outdoor yoga, body conditioning and pilates.

U of T also has other opportunities for students looking to stay healthy and fit. For example, I'm going to take advantage of the personal fitness training available, which is done by trainers who are knowledgeable about nutrition, injury prevention and motivation.

5. Registering For More Student Life Events on the Career & Co-Curricular Learning Network

I've previously attended events hosted by Accessibility Services, Health and Wellness, and Access and Inclusion Peer Programs. Since I'll be graduating this year, I hope to incorporate more events on academic success, networking, and career advice, to help me transition from university life onto the next phase of my life.

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