a purple bike and greenery in front of the Toronto skyline and CN tower behind Lake Ontario

Activities To Add To Your End-Of-Summer Bucket List

Here are three fun ways to spend the rest of your summer.

Fall is on its way, which means it's time for bundling up under cozy knit sweaters, trying out new Starbucks latte flavours and zoning in and out of lectures at the Sidney Smith Hall. I love fall as much as the next girl, but I always miss the long, humid days and easy going t-shirt weather that summer brings. For this reason, I'm trying to make the most of the summer while it lasts and enjoy various activities before the new semester starts.

Here are some ways I'm spending the last few days of August:

1. A Visit To Toronto Island

This past weekend, I took a ferry to Toronto Island and boy was it an experience! After booking tickets online, I met up with some friends at the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal and boarded the boat. We reached the island and the adventures began, which included navigating a corn maze, sinking our feet in the warm beach sand, and biking at full speed on the island.

a purple bike and greenery in front of the Toronto skyline and CN tower behind Lake Ontario

2. Making Trips To The U of T Bookstore

The U of T Bookstore is one of my favourite downtown locations (second to Indigo). Anybody who knows me understands my undying love for books. The smell. The words. The themes. It's no wonder why I'm an English major.

Anyway, according to Healthline, reading can help eliminate stress, increase your vocabulary and comprehension, encourage empathy and reduce the symptoms of depression and mental illness. There are so many benefits to reading, and the U of T bookstore usually has all the popular book titles that I've been meaning to read.

Not only does the bookstore have bestselling book titles, but it also sells cute dorm decor (I recommend their laundry baskets), monthly agendas and other interesting items. Taking a trip to the bookstore always marks the start of a new school year and makes me eagerly anticipate classes.

3. Watching A Beautiful Sunset

a sunset peeking out behind large clouds and reflecting on Lake Ontario

You don't have to do a big outing to enjoy summer. I've found that I have the most fun when I practice mindfulness and focus on the beauty around me. Whether I'm watching a gorgeous sunset or having a particularly stimulating conversation with a friend –– I'm grateful and present for it all.

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