My 5 Favourite Toronto Walks

Now that the weather's getting warmer in Toronto, I can't wait to go on some of my favourite walks and explore the city more. Even though Toronto's a big city, there are some beautiful green spaces and areas around Toronto that I've had a lot of fun exploring. Here are five of my favourite places that I've found over the years.

1. U of T Campus

A picture of St. George street on the UofT campus

First, you can't go wrong with U of T's campus. Because it's so spread out, the campus has plenty of pathways, parks, and car-free areas that you can walk around. Victoria College and St. Mikes College especially have some great areas to explore - one of my fondest memories of campus was walking through St. Mikes to the EJ Pratt Library, and then through Victoria College to Museum subway station!

2. Christie Pits Park

A picture of a grassy area with trees at Christie Pits park

Christie Pitts is a classic Toronto location, and it's about a 30 minute walk away from campus. It's a huge sprawling park that I love to meet up with friends in, sit and get work done, or even go sledding when it's snowing out. Plus, the Annex and Korea Town, which are two neighbourhoods in-between Christie Pitts and the U of T campus, are my favourite neighbourhoods in Toronto to walk through. So, a walk to Christie Pitts is definitely worth it!

3. Bickford Park

A picture of a person sitting on the ground in a wooded park
Enjoying Bickford Park with a friend!

Bickford Park is only a few blocks away from Christie Pits, but it's a lot less popular and so a great place to hang out or walk around if you want some peace and quiet. Especially during COVID, I've really enjoyed going to Bickford as it's a quieter park that's bound to have a lot of free space. It's also about a 30 minutes walk west from campus!

4. The Don Valley

A picture of trees in a wooded area

If you're up for a longer commute and want a more authentic nature experience, the Don Valley trails are your best bet! They are only a couple subway stops away from campus, and definitely feel like you're exploring a forest. This is one of my favourite places to go with friends if I'm feeling up for an adventure.

4. The GTA

A picture of a person standing on a snowy bank in a wooded area

Finally, if you're up for a big adventure, consider getting out of the city entirely! For example, Woodbridge is accessible by subway (take the subway to Vaughn Mills) and has lots of beautiful walks and trails around the Humber River. I've really enjoyed exploring some of the suburbs around Toronto in my free time to get a greater sense of Ontario and learn about some of my friends' home towns.

What are some of your favourite places to explore in Toronto?

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