Spending Time Alone Isn’t Sad!

There is a common misconception that spending time alone is sad, lonely or boring and that's simply not the case. As a young adult trying to make it through U of T and the great big world, some time alone with myself has really been instrumental in my journey to self discovery and what I want out of my university experience, and ultimately my career.

I used to believe that there was something wrong with me wanting some time alone more often than being in social setting. Some may say school being online is great for a lot of introverts but then again I believe life is all about balance, and too much time alone could do more harm than good.

So when do I actually have time for myself amidst my packed engineering schedule, work-study and campus involvement I spend at least an 4 hours in a week dedicated to spending time with myself and my thoughts.

How I spend those hours often varies depending on my mood, energy and focus levels. Sometimes, I put down my thoughts in a journal. I could reflect on a random past experience, or think about what I want to do for fun in the future. Once, I planned an entire tourist trip to Dubai because I really wanted to go there in that moment, LOL!

purple notebook with pink pen
Keeping a simple notebook to reflect or write down things that are important!

Spending time with myself has been really helpful defining the boundaries between school and home. It has also made adjusting to online learning a lot easier because I have a lot more time to do things that are not related to academics which really helps with mental health and overall wellbeing.

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