Friend and I wearing face masks with cucumber over our eyes.

Simple Beauty Face Masks to Make at Home!

Hey everyone, this week I will be taking on the role of experimental beauty guru because I am here to share how I make some easy face masks from stuff most people already have at home! 

Ever since I started wearing masks (the other kind of face mask that prevents the spread of Covid), I’ve noticed that my skin has become more rough and acne-prone. I decided face masks might do the trick, but who wants to buy them when they can easily be made in the comfort of your own home?

These are the ingredients that I use: 

Chopping board with lemon slices, cucumber, spoons filled with honey, oats, and sugar. Two bowls of yogurt.
  • Honey (soothing)
  • Brown sugar
  • Oats (texture, like a scrub) 
  • Lemon (lightens dark spots)
  • Flour (if the mixture seems too runny add for thickening) 
  • Plain yogurt 
  • And cucumbers for the eyes of course

I mix all these ingredients up in a little bowl (mostly eye-balling the measurements) but a teaspoon of everything usually works perfectly. 

Before applying to the face I always patch test it on my wrist or neck just to make sure I won’t react to it. (Some people find that lemon makes their skin super itchy etc.)

Once I know that the concoction is okay, I apply it to my face and leave it for 15 minutes before washing it off. These face masks feel the same as store bought ones and usually tighten (aka dry) on my face the same way too. 

Friend and I wearing face masks, posing in the mirror.

The great thing about making my own face masks is that I know all the ingredients and how they’ll react to my skin. I often get skin irritation from store-bought masks and when the ingredients are fifty words long I can’t pinpoint what I should avoid. 

While the above are the ingredients I stick to the most, here is a little list of other foods that work well as face mask ingredients: 

Spoons filled with honey, oats, sugar. Lemon slices and cucumber slices placed beside the spoons.
  • olive oil
  • mashed avocado (or extract)
  • mashed banana
  • orange juice
  • egg white 
  • cinnamon (but be careful, this can irritate some skin types if not used in moderation) 
  • milk 

Judging whether something will work in an at-home face mask is also simple: I ask myself, would I eat this? If it’s something edible then my face probably won’t get irritated! Honestly, half the fun of homemade face masks is the experimenting. 

Even easier than homemade face masks is a sugar scrub. All I do is use sugar (white sugar preferably) and rub that gently into my skin when I wash my face at night. This helps with clearing away dead skin cells. 

That’s all my beauty guru hacks for now, wishing you all clear skin! 

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