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I’ve been missing my loved ones during these times so I wanted to dedicate a post on gifts you can make for your loved ones to show them that you’re thinking of them 🙂 Friendship bracelets: As a kid, I remember when these were really popular, and they’ve recently been coming back in style! Making friendship bracelets is a great way to spend time and they make great little gifts for my friends/family. I love personalizing them to make them unique—my friends have been loving them! Because friendship bracelets were so popular, there are so many tutorials online that are really easy to follow. I find that YouTube tutorials are easier to follow then regular instructions—just do a quick search and find the pattern you like!
picture of 4 friendship bracelets I made
DIY friendship bracelets I made
Mini plants: My cousin recently gifted me some small succulents and I love them! Because I’m mostly spending my time at home now, I have more time to take care of them—it’s so nice to watch them grow! This is why I’ve been gifting some small plants of my own to my friends. There’s so many plants you can give and I find that a great way to personalize my gift is to pick a unique pot for the plants 🙂
picture of 2 plants with personalized pots
some cute plants (with personalized pots)
Homemade treats: Like many others, I’ve been baking a lot more now. What better way to show someone you’re thinking of them than to gift them some homemade treats? Some of my personal favourites have been brownies, cupcakes/muffins, and butter cookies! Everyone enjoys a treat that comes from the heart—plus, I’m always looking to improve on my baking so it’s great to get some more feedback!
picture of blueberry muffins
yummy blueberry muffins for friends and neighbours
Letters:  I have some family overseas so it can be hard to send some of the gifts mentioned above. A great way to still connect with them is through writing letters! Life at U of T blogger Olive wrote a great post on letter writing-- I also like to personalize my letters by including pictures or DIY cards as well (bonus: include a friendship bracelet).   Whether you miss your family or friends, or just looking to show an act of kindness, hopefully this post gave you some inspiration on ways you can show people that you’re thinking of them and care for them 🙂

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