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Planning for a Productive Summer After First Year

First Year for me is nearing completion, which feels crazy since it has only been a few months since the newness of frosh week. For me, the summer after is a weird place to be. Waiting for POST results can be nerve wracking, and the long summer between can feel different than previous high school summers. Here are some things that I'm planning to make sure my 4-month long summer is productive. Taking Summer Classes I'm taking one math class during the summer to fulfill program requirements, as I didn't have time to take it during the school year. I feel this is a good way to make a heavy course load lighter, to get ahead in my programs. Securing a Summer Job or Internship Summertime is an excellent time to build your resume, as there are many different internships available for students during this time. Since I'm only taking one course in the summer, I figured that I should apply to some jobs to not only gain experience, but also to prevent myself from getting too bored over the long break. I love using the websites Indeed and Glassdoor to find internships, and jobs can also be found on U of T's Campus & Career Learning Network : https://clnx.utoronto.ca/home.htm Fingers crossed that I land something this summer! 3 cartoon figures with "Summer Jobs" printed beneath Traveling Or Studying Abroad  
 Brochure describing the benefits of Summer Abroad
Summer Abroad BrochurE
Many students find that the best time to travel is the summer between school years. U of T has many organized Summer Abroad programs that earn you U of T credit, and has many exotic destinations each year. I plan to take a short trip to New York to see my cousins, and to travel with my parents when they fly over to Canada in August. Next summer, I want to take advantage of the study abroad programs available at U of T, and utilize the International Experience Awards to support my funds during the trip. I think taking a class at another university for a summer period will enrich my learning, and add variance to my undergrad experience.
polaroid pictures of NYC's brooklyn bridge and Soho
Photos from my last trip to NYC
  Even though the summers in University may be a bit more high pressure than they used to be in high school, one thing I will definitely remember to do is take time to relax, and head to the beach for some summer sun. -Joanna  

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