What’s On Where? – Staying in the Know at U of T

I get asked, “How do you know about all these things happening on campus all the time?”, a lot. My mental answer is always – how could you not?
I get asked, "How do you know about all these things happening on campus all the time?", a lot. My mental answer is always - how could you not?
boy next to Day of the Dead Catrina Skeleton
My friend Carlos from Mexico with his new girlfriend La Catrina
offerings or ofrenda
all those colours!
  On November 1st, I enjoyed my first Tamale and was serenaded by a Mariachi Band at U of T's Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration. That's one of the things I love most about U of T - there's something going on almost everyday on campus. Have you always wanted to go for these events but always miss them because you found out too late? If your answer is Sí, then read on mis amigos as I share my tips on how I always know what's on where and when at U of T.
mariachi band
a live mariachi band!
1. Facebook I take about 15 minutes out of my weekend to scan through the lists of U of T or Toronto-related events on Facebook. If it's an event I really don't want to miss, I instantaneously put it in my calendar. If the event happens to be at a time I have class or in general, on a busy day for me, I send a quick message to the organizer seeing if similar events will be held in the near future. Bonus tip: If you're self-conscious about stating your interest in an event, you can save the event and you'll be reminded by Facebook about it as the event gets closer.
save button on FB events
saving you from your worries 😉
2. Sites and Newletters If a club and/or organization on campus caught your eye during Clubs Fair or Street Carnival, find out if they have a website or newsletter and check it periodically. I personally love Hart House as well as the (mostly) free concerts at the Faculty of Music but not all of their events are events on Facebook. So I usually check for recitals that are free for students to attend. I also enjoy the newsletters I get from Student Life regarding workshops or academic events that require CLN registration. If you're into Varsity Sports (or just want free Under Armour swag like me), I find the varsityblues Instagram story useful for knowing when game days are.
girl jumping holding free shirt
free UA shirts and a workout on back campus field with yan!
girls sitting on bleachers at hockey game
half of my novice rowing crew and I with our free toques at a hockey game
    3. Keep your eyes, ears (and maybe nose) peeled on campus "Gee whiz, it seems like you need to be always connected to the internet to know what's going on on campus." Not necessarily. I was once sitting in Cavern Library and heard "FREE BURGERS! COME GET YOUR FREE BURGERS" from outside the window. To avoid judgement, I calmly closed my laptop, gathered my belongings and darted for the door - my free lunch was calling. Besides that particular occasion, instead of always having my eyes glued to my phone while walking in between classes, I like to keep an eye and an ear out for things happening around me that just might peak my interest on the way to class - be it free oatmeal from Varsity Teams to a Mac & Cheese cook-off in the middle of the streets.
girls eating cotton candy with CN tower in background
free cotton candy after our free burgers courtesy of Campus Police with niri and jess
burgers outside UTSU office
UTSU welcome BBQ with sami!
  Leave a comment below if you'd like an entire post dedicated to free food on campus!

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