Everyday is Like The First Day of School

A few years back, my high school held an informative panel discussion in letting grade 12 students in on the secrets of University. As I sat among my group of friends, I attempted to focus as my head span from physics equations to prom dress choices. While I commend the event planners for trying to get through to angst-ridden 18-year olds, one woman’s point particularly resonated with me. A graduate student from Carleton University, declared “At University, every day is like the first day of school.” With the first two weeks under our belts, obviously no one wants to repeat the hysterics of finding lecture rooms and 30-degree sprints between classes. But, this phrase has been lingering in the back of my mind since third year began. Thinking about everyday of University as a fresh beginning, is not only motivating, but also urges me to keep an open mind. While I’ve already met so many new people this school year, this piece is not about making friends. (But if you are interested in that, refer to my post “How to meet people on campus” where I unload tips and tricks for this). Treating each day as an opportunity, rather than a chore or something that “I have to get done,” makes it so much easier to stay positive. When I feel as though I’m making a conscious choice to join a club, or stay after class to speak with my professor, life on campus is simply more enjoyable. I know I say this all the time, but being at a school so big can be intimidating and I’m the first to admit that things can get a little crazy at times. Though what I’ve learned from my mere two years (and two weeks?) of experience at U of T, is that getting involved on campus changes your whole University experience. Bringing this notion back to the topic of this post, stumbling open different events or just sitting in on classes I’m interested in to learn more, sporadically alters everyday college life. I apologize for my undying positivity, perhaps it’s because I’m not yet drowning in assignments, but seriously these have become words to live by. So I’ll leave you with this challenge, as corny as it sounds: To treat everyday like a new. Complacency is boring, pretend everyday is like the first day of school. Until next week -R

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