Reflections on 2015

Hello! There's no doubt, this time of year can be full of emotions.  We are reminded of all the things we witnessed and experienced over the past twelve months. Google is reminding us of what we Googled. Facebook is sharing our top moments. We count down 2015's top songs, movies, sports moments, inventions, new stories, and of course, funny memes. This time of year also calls on each of us to consider our personal Year in Review. I love counting down to the New Year, and feeling all the hope that comes with a fresh start. Looking forward with a vision for the next year can be daunting, however, I believe it's important to reflect on our accomplishments and milestones from the past year.
Two familiar faces I spend New Years with each year. Courtesy of
On New Year's Eve, I normally find myself lounging on a couch, babysitting, and reflecting the past year with these familiar faces. Photo courtesy of
Once exams are over, I often take some time to check in on how things are working in my life. I encourage you to try doing this too - patiently, thoughtfully, and truthfully. I like recording my thoughts down on paper so I can get a visual se. What were my ambitions for 2015? Did I achieve them? c366d5632fdb089782f8edd129c8884d What went well for you this year? Did you commit to attend a Zumba class every week? Perhaps you made a resolution to remove pop from your diet? Did you accomplish that goal? If you didn’t, there’s no need to beat yourself up for it. Instead, try to determine why this happened. Was it an issue of time management? Illness? Maybe lack of motivation? Now, what's the plan going forward? It's tempting to set goals without really backing them up with an action plan. I've definitely done that. These goals are unrealistic, or vaguely worded. “I am going to be healthier.” “I am going to sleep more.” “I am going to be more mindful.” There mare many ways to set more specific goals. Consider using the SMART goal setting system, CLEAR goals, Tony Robbin's MASSIVE action method, or any other system that makes sense for you. “I will commit to having a full serving of fresh vegetables every day.” “I will set an alarm every night for an hour before my bedtime to remind me to turn off my devices and get ready to sleep.” “I will attend Mindful Moments on campus once a week."  You may choose to make a commitment to yourself as a New Year’s Resolution. There are lots of opinions on the usefulness and success of this practice. The good news is, a resolution doesn’t have to take place on any given start date. It can start anytime, with renewing or creating commitments to our healthy active lifestyle. Actually, they can start right now. Sometimes, I feel that there is too much unnecessary pressure to craft a New Year's resolution. For me, the fear of breaking it can often have detrimental consequences to how I feel about myself. Instead, I try to set goals for myself weekly goals that are recorded in my daytimer.
week goals
My weekly goal-setting ritual happens on Sunday evening when I write down what I plan to focus on that week
My "New Year’s Resolution" last year was not to babysit this year on New Year’s Eve. How’s that going for me? I haven’t been booked yet… Madelin In the New Year, there will be lots of opportunities to try something new on campus. We can look forward to UTSU's Winter Week of Welcome: Frost Week and #TryitUofT !

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