Keep Doing What You’re Doing U of T!

This year I’ve written about a lot of different events and initiatives on campus. I got to help host these with different groups on campus, such as the Healthy U Crew, the University of Toronto International Health Program and Juxtaposition Global Health Magazine. And even better, I got to share them with all of you amazing readers through the Community Crew! What do all of these groups have in common though? They’re all under the Office of Student Life here at U of T! The Peer Teams and student groups on campus focus on community engagement, student involvement and building a healthier, happier campus.To appreciate the efforts of all these groups, The Office of Student Life held its first ever Recognition Event! Picture of projection at event reading "U of T recognizes" Fellow blogger Peter and I had the pleasure of emceeing the event, so you can be sure that we sufficiently entertained the crowd with plenty of clever banter. It’s an insanely busy week for everyone, but I’m glad I decided to go to this event because it was actually a form of stress relief. We got to mingle with other leaders and all the amazing Student Life staff that make it possible for teams like ours to do the work we do.
Picture of community crew members who were present. From left to right: Api, Michael, Sarah, Peter
Community Crew candid!
It was held in the Great Hall at Hart House, and everyone was dressed in their best business casual attire. There were lots of hors d’oeuvres, and even a pianist to really set a nice ambiance.
Picture of Great Hall
~Fancy Ambiance
Once the speeches and awards were done, there was lots of opportunity for impromptu photoshoots! The already picturesque Great hall had a U of T backdrop set up, so naturally, we took a lot of pictures!
Photo of api and Ondiek standing back to back against the U of T backdrop
This was our "90s Sitcom Opening" pose
It was definitely a great feeling to be recognized for the work we do on campus, because it makes the effort we put in even more worthwhile. But what I really loved was seeing the diversity of all initiatives undertaken by students, and seeing all the impact it’s had on the campus and on the community. So whether you’re promoting healthy habits, completing the Blueprint Program or breaking the world record for most origami largest display of origami flowers (while raising money for cancer), remember that you’re involvement matters and is recognized! So as MC Peter and I said at the event: KEEP DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING!

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