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As you walk around campus today, you will notice something profoundly different. Hoards of people dressed in the same colour shirts are walking around screaming and cheering. Campus buildings are dressed in their newest and brightest banners, advertising different events and programs. The once quaint study spots you occupied all summer have been over-taken with obstacle courses and mass barbecues. It’s officially Orientation Week here at the University of Toronto! 
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While it’s undeniable that Orientation Week brings a unqiue energy and sense of life to campus, not every first year feels the need to paint themselves purple with the engineers, or block traffic intersections with UC. That’s why U of T offers hundreds of different orientation opportunities, and even though the week has already begun there’s still great events you can sign up for. Kickstart is one of the most unique opportunities you can sign up for here at U of T. It runs for two weeks from September 2nd until September 11th, but the schedule of events is entirely customizable to fit your wants and needs. Although you register for one week or the other (or both!) the idea is that you only attend the events that sound interesting and helpful to you.
Choosing Orientation Week events like...  via.
Choosing Orientation Week events like...
They offer things such as workshops that help you transition to university writing style, a panel of upper-years (including myself, Amie, and Api!) who can help answer some of your burning questions, and tours of Hart House and Robarts library. You can still register for kickstart at The Univerisity of Toronto Students' Union (UTSU) is your next place for no-strings-attached Orientation Week events. They host a series of events to welcome you to campus and let you meet students from every college, faculty and campus of U of T. Their annual events, such as the Clubs Fair, Parade, and Street Fest are massive events that showcase all the unique opportunities U of T has to offer. To attend any of these events, you only have to be a University of Toronto student - no registration or commitment required!
The UTSU Parade through St. George campus & downtown Toronto!  Source:
So to all my Orientation-registration-procrastinating friends out there - there is still hope, and more importantly still time! Even if Orientation Week sounds like something you wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole, what’s the harm in taking a casual walk around Clubs Day day, or attending a FREE Tokyo Police Club concert? (There isn’t any - I promise!) Put yourself out there this week and enjoy the energy of the campus. To see all of my Orientation Week adventures, make sure to follow me on twitter at @Rachael_UofT.

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