My Not-So-Strange Addiction: Coffee

Peanut butter and jelly; Ashanti and Ja Rule; The Canadian identity and Tim Horton’s – students and caffeine. These are all things that go together seamlessly. Hello, my name is Ondiek, and I’m a coffee-holic. And I take my coffee black, like my soul. I’m joking about the whole black soul part, but I truly do love coffee. Not only does it keep me awake, it tastes amazing too (especially when it’s Kopi Luwak). But you know what doesn’t taste so good? Caffeine dependence. Just ask Jessie Spano.  No – I’m not telling you to stop drinking coffee, because I could never do that! Still, it’s always a great idea to limit your intake of caffeine. I know from personal experience, and you probably do too. It’s never a good experience to overload on caffeine. In addition to the jitters, your tolerance increases. You’ll just need more and more coffee until your body literally becomes one with the Tim Horton’s drive through.
How I used to react when people advised me to drink less coffee. via:
Throughout university, I’ve learned to take some healthy alternatives to caffeine that ensure my coffee experience is never ruined. 1. TEA:
Tea? via:
Okay – I know I said “caffeine alternatives,” but regular tea has very little caffeine when compared to coffee and energy drinks. When purchasing tea, always read the labels – because some teas contain even more caffeine than coffee. No cheating! I prefer green, ginseng, or black tea – they have just the right amount of caffeine to keep me zen and alert. Most importantly, I don’t have horrific crashes after the energizing effects have worn off. 2. FRUIT:
Fruits? via:
You are all adults – it time you know that fruits are good for you. They’re not just nutritious, but they give you energy. No, it won’t be the same boost you get from caffeine, but it’s natural sugars are a safe and natural alternative. I know that as I slowed down on my caffeine intake, that the oomph from fruits felt more and more apparent. If you want to go that extra mile, try to focus on citrus fruits. Citrus fruits have lots of Vitamin C, and are natural energy boosters. 3. SLEEP:
Sleep? via:
Okay, I know, I know.  We are students; it’s not that simple. Still, no amount of caffeine can match the energy you get from a good night’s rest. It’s difficult, but try your hardest to sleep early whenever you don’t have social obligations. I’ve been really good about that lately – well, to be fair, I’m forced to wake up early to go to work. Nevertheless, it’s definitely a habit I cherish these days. Sleep early, wake up early – that way your body will naturally get tired towards the end of the day, and you’ll be able to sleep earlier. Then when you wake up early, you can use that chance to finish things you need to get done. And this friends, is how I control my love for coffee. No, you don’t have to quit drinking coffee, just don’t overdue it. Take breaks; everyday doesn’t have to be a coffee day. It’s called the “Sweet Nectar of the Gods” for a reason.