My Summer Bucket List

I think that we’re all inevitably guilty of using the phrase “oh, I really want to do that this summer.” Try that new class at the gym? I’ll do it when I have lots of free time over the summer. Go to that new food truck? Oh that sounds awesome, I’ll do it one weekend this summer. That new book everyone’s reading? Definitely sounds like the perfect thing to do by the pool over summer.

I am guilty of using this phrase, so when I woke up this morning and realized there are essentially 5 weeks left of summer, I couldn’t help but panic a little at all the things I had promised myself I would do. But between working two jobs and catching up with friends from home, it’s not that I haven’t wanted to do all these things - I just haven’t made the time.

Some of my summer adventures so far!
Some of my summer adventures so far!

Optimistically however, there are still five weeks left of summer. That’s 25 week days, 5 weekends, and hundreds of opportunities to make this the best summer yet, and hopefully I can inspire you to get started. Here are the Top 6 Things I want to do Before the End of the Summer.

1. Get food from a food truck on campus.

Whether it’s poutine from the fry truck or noodles from the Chinese food truck, I want to revel in the fact that I can sit outside in the sun and enjoy this without my fingers freezing off.

2. Get a book from a library and read it on a grassy space.

I mean taking a picture of it kind of defeats the whole "no technology thing" but still..
I mean taking a picture of it kind of defeats the whole "no technology thing" but still..

Luckily Amie has me covered with some beautiful hidden spaces at U of T, all I need to do is pick one and check out a book. There’s something novel about putting down your smart phone, taking out your earphones, and actually enjoying reading.

3. Attend a campus event.

If you’re like me you have a tendency to forget that campus life exists all 12 months of the year. Organizations like the USTU are always posting about summer events that get you back on campus, and getting involved. I haven’t checked this one off yet, but I think I’m going to start by attending the UTSU Caribana party and parade on July 30th.

4. Get your finances in order for next year.

This sounds like a boring one, it’s something that I promised myself I would do this summer and I still haven’t. If you’re like me and hearing the word budget sends shivers down your spine,  considering checking out different budgeting and financial resources, such as the Government of Canada budget planner or even these online tools from banks such as CIBC and TD Canada Trust It’s better to plan now, than stress later.

5. Greet incoming freshman using the #StartUofT hashtag!

See some familiar faces in there? Join the #StartUofT selfie gang. Images via.
See some familiar faces in there? Join the #StartUofT selfie gang. Images via.

I’ve made it my goal to check the #StartUofT hashtag every day and check out what incoming freshmen are saying about coming to U of T. It’s just a little way to remind myself how excited people are to be coming back to school, and letting it their excitement rub off on me. You can even join the #StartUofT selfie train by printing out this name tag and posting your selfie on twitter.

6. See an outdoor movie.

Toronto's awesome sail-In cinema. Image via.
Toronto's awesome sail-In cinema. Image via.

Toronto has hundreds of different locations where you can catch a free flick outdoors. Everyone’s heard of classic events like TIFF in the park, but I'm dying to head down to the waterfront for the sail-in cinema. Check out a full list here, pack some popcorn, and enjoy this unique opportunity while you can.

So this is how I'm going to make the best of the rest of my summer. Is there anything missing off my list? Anything you’ve already done that you’re just dying to share? Leave it in the comments below or tweet it to me at @Rachael_UofT.

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