The Freshman 15

So, you've been accepted to UofT, you've planned all the courses you want to take, and you know where you're going to live in the fall. Nothing left to worry about, right? Wrong. You probably still have just a few questions to ask!
But one thing stands out -- times 15 -- you still have 15 things on your mind. One for every pound. The mythical "Freshman 15."
I know... Trust me, I know. Going into university in my first year, that was one of the most important things on my mind. Between classes, friends, living situations, and blah blah blah -- the Freshman 15 was what stood out to me the most.
I've shared similar experiences. via:
My entire life I have struggled with my weight, and until high school I was always the chubby kid. By high school, I found control -- I learned how to eat healthy and exercise as much as I could (by exercise, I mean run on my elliptical while watching America's Next Top Model). So, I found myself the healthiest I've ever been. It was pretty Vogue.
Me, before. via:
So when it came time for university, I was freaking out. How was I going to maintain control of myself when thrust into an entirely new environment -- one filled with parties, buffet-styled dining halls, and brunch. Did you know it's not socially acceptable to eat brunch after you eat breakfast and half an hour before you eat lunch? I didn't.
Me, after. via:
Yeah, it didn't go so well. But, I soon realized that didn't matter. The Freshman 15 is not real. You will not gain 15 pounds in your first year -- unless you go out of your way to do it. In fact, an Ohio State University study showed that the average student only gains 2-3 pounds in their first year.  But I didn't care, because you know what, all the experiences I gained far outweighed the number of pounds I actually gained. I would never trade the memories I made camping out at Strachan Hall during pierogi night with my fellow pierogi enthusiasts for the world. And I sure as heck do not regret attending those parties where I made some of my best friends at UofT, even if I stained some of my favourite animal-print button-ups with red wine. It's all worth it.
The point is, do not let your fear of gaining weight in first year shape your experiences, because as cheesy as it sounds, a few extra pounds does not define you. If you’re still worried, our university does offer many free resources that can help keep you active. Trust me -- the list is endless. In addition to the many drop in classes available, both the Athletic Centre and Hart House have gyms available to all students. If you’re feeling a bit lazy (no judgement!) some student residences come equipped with gyms! But, guess what? Everybody else is worrying about the Freshman 15 too. No one will be judging you! Eventually, those folks will get over that too! Until then: keep dancing, keep eating, and keep living. Still concerned? Let me help! Leave a comment below or tweet me at Ondiek_UofT! 

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