Digging into Campus Grown Food

I wasn't quite sure what my post would be this week Monday when I woke up and checked twitter to find my feed looking like this...
I love a good Farmers Market so I knew I had to go check it out
That afternoon I wandered over to 41 Willcocks Street and went around to the side where the patio was to find the market.DSCF3548 This market was hosted by the crew from Campus Agriculture who grow food right here on campus. On Monday they had a variety of greens, some cucumbers, mushrooms, and a few bunches of litlle flowers all at really great prices. This is a great way to support small-scale urban agriculture and eat food grown right in our (very large, very populated) backyard! 2
The crew! Thanks for putting on a great market!
My purchases: a bag of greens and some adorable flowers for under 5$.
This was the first market they've done this year but they told me that they plan on doing another in a few weeks so give them a follow on twitter @DigIn_UofT so you can check it out!  

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