Ms. Worrier vs. Ms. Warrior

So here I am. My final post of the school year. This year has been ...surprising, to say the least. And having to write blog posts on a weekly basis has compelled me to reflect on the events in my life more consciously than I normally would. Of all the things I’ve learned this school year (in and out of the classroom), the one that sticks most with me is this. I’m a worrier. I’ve always stressed about everything more than the average student. But this year, I realized that I live in the future too much. I spend so much time worrying about things that may happen that I miss out on many great opportunities. I like knowing what will happen. What does my mind do with the unknown? It predicts what will happen. And my inner cynic dictates that most predictions are negative, creating more anxiety. It’s a vicious cycle. But this year, I’ve figured out that control is an illusion. I can’t “control” what happens to me but I can manage my reaction. If I keep doing what I’ve been doing, I’m always going to be a worrier. That’s why my goal for year’s end is simple: To live in the present as much as possible. I want to get out of my own head and stop losing time in the future (and the past). I realize it’s important to think about the possibilities that the future holds and marvel at the memories that the past carries but being in the present is definitely something I need to work on. Since I’m not accustomed to living in the present, I took it upon myself to do some research. See what the experts were saying about the Here and Now. After some research, I’ve come up with an action plan. How I will live in the present: 1. BREATHE (deeply). 2. Smile. 3. Forgive the past. 4. Dream big but work hard. 5. Do less. 6. Do one thing at a time. 7. Be flexible. 8. Dress comfortably. 9. Volunteer. 10. Spread the love. I’ve printed off two copies of this list. I’ve put one on my bathroom mirror and the other in my binder. I’m going to make an honest effort to live in the present from now on. To remind myself that the present moment is just as precious as the future I’m trying to build. After all, “If you worry about what might be, and wonder what might have been, you will ignore what is.” Ishita

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